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Anti-fatigue mats will relieve the strain of standing for long periods of the day

Anti-Fatigue Mats for standing desk and industrial use

Standing for long periods in a day at a desk or in a factory can cause fatigue, which can lead to accidents, lack of attention, reduced productivity, and increased days off. Anti-fatigue mats are cushioned floor mats that can alleviate this by acting as a cushioning barrier between your feet and the cold, hard concrete floor. We’ve got anti-fatigue mats for almost every use, whether it’s non-slip, oil resistance, anti-static, sound dampening, or large area flooring protection using interlocking mats and rubber floor tiles.


We offer high quality in all our safety matting. Whatever NZ business or building you’re fitting out we have a product to suit. Contact us for a competitive price on quality rubber flooring.

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