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Anti-fatigue & non-slip mats for factories, warehouses, workshops & more


Standing for long periods in a day can cause fatigue, which can lead to accidents, lack of attention, reduced productivity and increased days off.

Food Processing

Keep safe on the job with oil & fat resistant anti-fatigue mats. We’ve got a range of these mats, whether it be for a restaurant, bar or a food processing plant.


Protective rubber used in utes and the construction industry. A tradies tools are one of their most important assets. Protecting them from damage is imperative.


Non-slip & Entrance mats for schools, preschools & universities. Non-slip mats for decking and walkways reduce injuries and falls, and entrance mats reduce mud and debris being brought inside.


Protect your horse and your horse float with rubber flooring. We’ve got a range of rubber flooring and wall protection to absorb noise and keep your stable looking sharp.

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