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Work Mats

Anti-fatigue & non-slip mats for factories, warehouses, workshops & more

Work mats including interlocking rubber floor tiles to fit any floor shape or size

Wet Area Floor Mats

Mats with holes in them to allow liquid, dust & swarf to pass through. They help prevent slips & trips, while also providing cushioning to reduce fatigue.

Dry Area Mats

Anti-fatigue & non-slip mats for use in dry areas such as packing benches, production lines, workshops and more.


Oil Resistant Mats

Oil resistant mats, ideal for kitchens, bars, food processing plants and areas where animal fats, chemicals or oils are present.

Specialist Mats

Specific use mats, such as Footwash, to sanitise shoes before walking into sterile environments, or Electrosafe for protecting you from getting an electric shock.

Custom Work Mats

For those times where the standard sizes don’t quite fit the area. We can custom make this selection of products to different lengths to suit your need.

Multipro Interlocking Tiles

Multipro range of PVC tiles are excellent for so many different uses. Made up of interlocking rubber floor tiles, so you can mix and match tiles, create the perfect shape and size for your floor area.

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