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Diamond Plate- Custom Length

Diamond plate is an excellent alternative offering unparalled comfort. Checker-plate finish is abrasion and chemical resistant. A deeply embossed PVC surface with vinyl sponge underlay which gives it excellent anti-fatigue properties.

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  • Ideal for workbenches, work stations, cafes, service station counters
  • Approx. 14mm thick
  • High Quality anti-fatigue mat
  • Durable PVC Surface made from 100% recycled material
  • Industrial checker-plate finish for enhanced traction
  • Surface resists common fluids, most chemicals and is non-flamable
  • Wear resistant
  • Can be made to custom lengths
  • All edges bevelled for safety
  • Made in the USA
  • Indoor Use
CODE Size (mm)
DPB60R 600 per metre
DPB90R 900 per metre

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