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Interlink With Holes

$69.00 + GST

The Interlink Mat is made of a heavy duty natural rubber that offers excellent anti-fatigue characteristics for industrial and commercial work areas. Great for areas that you need to cover that are odd shapes. The Interlink Mats have a hidden interlocking system designed to connect on all four sides.

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  • Ideal for floor coverings in front of machinery, packing benches, workbenchs, wet areas, custom shaped areas
  •  High quality anti-fatigue properties
  •  Unique surface texture prevents build up of dirt
  • Drainage holes to allow flow of liquids
  • 915 x 915mm modular interlocking system
  • Bevelled edges available in yellow or black
  • Light weight for easy handling
  • Indoor Use
SZB9191 915 x 915