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Fibreglass Flat Panel

Fibreglass Stair Nosing is a simple and cost effective solution for slippery steps to providing a safe walking area for pedestrians. The tapered edge prevents a trip hazard.

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  • Ideal for ladders, ramps, walkways, warehouse floors, slip-hazardous areas, slippery platforms
  • Fibreglass backing with a heavy duty grit finish
  • Will always remain a non-slip, even in presence of oils
  • Easy to Install
  • Clips available for metal stairs
  • Provides ultimate floor safety
  • Easily cleaned by hosing
  • Indoor/outdoor use
CODE COLOUR Size W x  L (mm)
FP2060 Yellow 200 x 600
FP2075 Yellow 200 x 750
FP2090 Yellow 200 x 900
FP6060 Yellow 600 x 600
FP6075 Yellow 600 x 750
FP6090 Yellow 600 x 900
FP60120 Yellow 600 x 1200
FP120120 Yellow 1200 x 1200