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DIY Alfresco Garage Carpet Kit

DIY Alfresco Garage Carpet Kit is a very convenient, time and money saving solution. Alfresco Carpet is a premium garage carpet, made of hardwearing polypropylene, it can easily stand up to cars driving on it. Gives a good appearance in any condition.


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Garage Carpet Kit Includes
  • Alfresco Garage Carpet, 2m wide x 6m length*
  • UZIN UZ 57 Glue
  • 2 Orange Trowels
  • 1 Knife

*Single Garage Kit – 2 rolls, Double Garage Kit – 3 rolls, Triple Garage Kit – 4 Rolls.

Does not come with the tape measure, level or extra knife blades as shown in a picture – but you may require these to complete the installation of the garage carpet.

  • Ideal for garages, rumpus rooms, caravans, floor liner, patios, ramps, boats
  • Approx. 8mm thick
  • UV stabilised
  • Polypropylene top
  • Resin backing
  • Convenient DIY kit to install garage carpet yourself
  • Save time and money with this kit!
  • Indoor/outdoor use
CODE COLOUR Description
ALFKIT-SINGLE-CHR Charcoal 4 Piece Kit – Single Garage
ALFKIT-DOUBLE-CHR Charcoal 4 Piece Kit – Double Garage
ALFKIT-TRIPLE-CHR Charcoal 4 Piece Kit – Triple Garage
Installation Video